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Ken Shaw

Ken Shaw, a veteran Canadian journalist, has made significant contributions to the field of journalism and the community. He has been a part of CTV News for over four decades, serving as a reporter, anchor, and national editor.

Shaw’s journalistic contributions are evident from his coverage of major Canadian news stories for American network news programs such as ABC’s Good Morning America, Nightline, and NBC’s The Today Show. He has also conducted special reports on gun control in Canada that have aired on ABC’s Nightline.

Shaw’s commitment to community service is commendable. He has served as an emcee for over 1000 local community and charitable events, demonstrating his dedication to giving back to society.

“One of the things I love about Oshawa is its dynamic and constantly changing character. From its early days as the home of General Motors of Canada to an economy that is now a thriving centre for education and healthcare, I am proud to call Oshawa home”, says Shaw.

Shaw’s dedication to reporting and his commitment to giving back to his community are qualities that make him an inspiration to many. He is a role model for aspiring journalists, a respected figure in the media industry and a well deserving inductee in the 2023 Oshawa Walk of Fame.

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