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Oshawa Walk of Fame to Induct Oshawa’s Best at Gala Dinner on November 9

Oshawa, October 5, 2023

The Oshawa Rotary Club is preparing to roll out the red carpet for six inductees at our Gala Dinner and Induction Ceremony taking place at the Jubilee Pavilion at Lakeview Park on Thursday, November 9, starting at 5 pm.

The mission of the Oshawa Walk of Fame is to preserve, Celebrate, and Showcase Oshawa’s history and heritage of excellence and achievement. The Oshawa Walk of Fame highlights the achievements and success of individuals and groups who have significantly contributed to the life of the City.

“At our Gala Dinner and Induction Ceremony, we will celebrate those who have significantly contributed to the City of Oshawa and beyond. We will honour the past and inspire the future,” said Louise Parkes, Co-Chair of the Oshawa Walk of Fame.

“We are very proud of our rich history, accomplishments and community contributions that make us the great City of Oshawa,” said Mayor Dan Carter. “We’re excited to celebrate the Oshawa Walk of Fame’s new inductees and to highlight the many successes of community members who are integral to Oshawa’s strong past, present and future. I encourage residents to get your tickets and join in the celebration.”

The Oshawa Walk of Fame currently consists of plaques set into the sidewalks at the Four Corners in downtown Oshawa. Past inductees among others include Shirley Eikhard, Tonya Lee Williams, Gary Polonsky and Sandy Hawley.

The 2023 inductees are:

Ken Shaw: Retired CTV News Anchor

Andrew Nicholls and Darrell Vickers:  Comedy Writing Team and Head Writers for Johnny Carson

The Ontario Regiment: 157 Years of Service

Ross Mackie: Mackie Group

Adriane Stewart: Opera Singer

Tickets can be purchased by calling Louise Parkes at 905-925-4771. For media inquiries, please contact Louise Parkes and Emmanuel Iheme, Co-Chairs of the Oshawa Walk of Fame, at 905-925-4771 or email louise@parmacmarketing.com

This Year’s Fundraising & Organizing committee

Ken Shaw

Ken Shaw, a veteran Canadian journalist, has made significant contributions to the field of journalism and the community. He has been a part of CTV News for over four decades, serving as a reporter, anchor, and national editor. Shaw’s journalistic contributions are evident from his coverage of major Canadian news stories for American network news programs such as ABC’s Good Morning America, Nightline, and NBC’s The Today Show. He has also conducted special reports on gun control in Canada that have aired on ABC’s Nightline.

Shaw’s commitment to community service is commendable. He has served as an emcee for over 1000 local community and charitable events, demonstrating his dedication to giving back to society. 

“One of the things I love about Oshawa is its dynamic and constantly changing character. From its early days as the home of General Motors of Canada to an economy that is now a thriving centre for education and healthcare, I am proud to call Oshawa home”, says Shaw. 

Shaw’s dedication to reporting and his commitment to giving back to his community are qualities that make him an inspiration to many. He is a role model for aspiring journalists, a respected figure in the media industry and a well deserving inductee in the 2023 Oshawa Walk of Fame. 

Ontario Regiment

The Ontario Regiment, a Canadian reserve force regiment, has a rich history of service, sacrifice, and honor. The Regiment has been headquartered in Oshawa for over 150 years and has made significant contributions to the community and the country as a whole.  Oshawa’s Remembrance Day tradition of marching from the Armoury to Memorial Park started in 1920, even before the Cenotaph was built in 1926. When Oshawa became a city in March 1924, the majority of events to celebrate the occasion were held in or near the Armoury.

"September 14th, 2023, marks 157 years of Service, Sacrifice and Honour for Oshawa's own Ontario Regiment," said Lieutenant Colonel Christian Caron, Commanding Officer. "The support of our community over the years has been exceptional and our soldiers past and present are honoured. Our Regiment is proud to be recognized by the Rotary Club of Oshawa Walk of Fame." 

The Regiment’s commitment to service continued between the wars, with its role changing from Infantry to a Tank Regiment in 1936. During World War II, the Regiment played a crucial role in various engagements, including “Operation Husky,” the Allied invasion of Sicily in August 1943. The Regiment fought through Italy until early 1945 and was then deployed to North-West Europe. The Regiment had 78 soldiers killed during the war1.

In more recent times, The Ontario Regiment has transitioned to a Reconnaissance unit and has participated in various missions, including deployments to Afghanistan between 2003 and 2014. The Regiment’s soldiers have also served on United Nations missions and other operations worldwide, contributing to peacekeeping efforts and international security. The Regiment’s dedication to service and its impact on the community are evident through the numerous individuals who have been affiliated with the Regiment and its cadet programs. The Regiment’s Tank Museum, located at the Oshawa Executive Airport, showcases artifacts of its history and the military history of the community, including General Motors’ war contributions. The museum is renowned for having one of the largest collections of operational military vehicles in North America. 

The Ontario Regiment (RCAC) has played a vital role in preserving history, honouring veterans, and supporting the community, making it deserving of recognition and a place on the Oshawa Walk of Fame

Ross Mackie

Ross Mackie, a fifth-generation Oshawa family business owner and a prominent figure in the transportation industry, is a deserving candidate for the Oshawa Walk of Fame award.

At 17 years of age, in 1951, Ross took a load of furniture from Oshawa to Dawson City, Yukon, long before there was anything called the Trans-Canada Highway. Ross and his team were among the first Canadian carriers to truck into Mexico; he has also traversed every U.S. state including Alaska and Hawaii.

“When we were young, three generations of us, we lived in this clapboard house on King Street. We didn’t have a lot,” says Mackie. 

We’re so fortunate today to still be here in Oshawa.  Each of us, from multiple generations, are involved in giving back whenever we can.”

As a family and through the Mackie Group, the Mackie’s have supported Lakeridge Health Foundation with generous financial donations over the years. The entire family continues to champion cancer services and health care for our community, year after year, generation after generation.

Ross Mackie’s exceptional career, dedication to the industry’s history, and commitment to his community make him a deserving recipient of the Oshawa Walk of Fame award.

Adriane Stewart

Adriane Stewart, a 97-year-old retired professional opera singer, has dedicated her life to music and deserves recognition for her exceptional contributions to the art form. Her unwavering passion for singing and her motto of “keep singing” have been an inspiration to many.

 From her early days singing in a senior choir at church to studying classical music and obtaining a degree in voice and choral directing, Stewart’s journey has been one of dedication and perseverance.

 She has performed at prestigious venues such as Radio City Music Hall and toured with a production of the Merry Widow and sang in the chorus of the metropolitan opera.

Stewart’s remarkable career included an 8-year stint with the Canadian opera company chorus, her involvement in choirs in Oshawa, her ongoing commitment to music and her desire to share her talent with others.

Adriane Stewart’s outstanding contributions to the art form and her unwavering dedication to music make her a deserving recipient of the Oshawa Walk of Fame Award.

Darrell Vickers & Andrew Nicholls

Oshawa’s talented, humble, and self-deprecating funny men - are a renowned Hollywood writing team and respected playwrights, authors, and musicians. 

Born three days apart in England, their families moved independently to Oshawa in the 1960's.  They first met up in 1969 at Ridgeway Senior Public School and began writing music and comedy together, continuing their collaboration while at R.S. McLaughlin Collegiate (“MCVI”). They were the beloved editors of MCVI’s one issue newspaper (“Kilter”) - one issue because it was censored by the authorities, and they were banned from further production.  After graduating from MCVI, they honed their comedy and music careers, writing comedy for stage, syndicated cartoonists, stand-up comedians, and for TV and radio, and writing and performing music for their band Nobby Clegg and the Civilians.  They were involved significantly in the Don Adams Canadian comedy Check It Out.

Their band, Nobby Clegg, achieved notable success with the singles “I Wanna Be in Commercials” and “Essay, Me Dad”.

In the early 1980's, their reputations earned them a comedy writing gig with the late Alan Thicke in Canada and by 1983, at Thicke’s invitation, they moved to Los Angeles to write for Thicke of the Night.  Very notably, from 1986-1992, they helped write and produce over 770 hours of material for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. They became the head writers for The Tonight Show from December 1989 until May of 1992. 

They now have over 1200 hours of produced television credits and have written and produced 40 television pilot scripts.  They have written for an impressive list of comedians - George Carlin, Joan Rivers, Johnny Carson, Gary Shandling, Mickey Rooney, the late Alan Thicke, and Rodney Dangerfield.  They have created, produced, or been associated with a myriad of television series, among them Drexell’s Class, The Trouble with Larry, The George Carlin Show, Jimmy Neutron, Ned’s Newt, George of the Jungle, Fairly Odd Parents.  Their accomplishments include 4 Emmy Nominations, a Genie nomination, and a Gemini Award.  Darrell and Andrew have also had time for successful solo careers as writers, producers, and playwrights.

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